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Rump Roast

February 24, 2017

He wants so hard to be Reagan,
but actually he’s more like Nixon
He’s causing more problems
than what he’s supposed to be fixin’

Truth-telling is great, cutting through the crap
but I hear more lies than truth coming out of that trap

He goes on the attack when approached with real facts
Crying to deflect from his lying is a tired act

I have no doubt he wants to fix bad situations,
but wrong-headed moves make us the butt of all nations

Ego + paranoia run unchecked =  a volatile cocktail
He has to subdue those natural impulses or he will surely fail

Is anyone telling him about himself?
Does anyone have his ear?
Or does having a pompous attitude
make it far too heard to hear?

He is supposed to work with industry, communities,
and educators to make improvements
Not give the reins to big business and vengeful politicians,
and misguided hope to hate movements

We need high-quality, vocational education
and more funds to make our public schools great
not destruction of a great, democratic institution
with vouchers that further segregate

He needs to upgrade our failing infrastructure
without causing neighborhoods to rot
Railroads and highways killed vital communities
separating the haves from the have nots

How about to lower the crime rates and
proliferation of illegal guns and drugs
he investigates how the crap gets here–
the corruption and bribery by the real thugs?

If I could have his ear for a minute I would say
the following because, no, it hasn’t gone away:

Be the big man you say you are, and not the wussy,
nasty little boy that you’re acting like
Own up to your comments, apologize for the p*ssy
reference and misogynist diatribe

No, wait, he should go much further: He should acknowledge that
he’s got a sexist attitude he’s working hard to correct

He’s caving into his paranoia
and his myriad obsessions
He needs to forget his war with the media
hasn’t he learned any lessons?

He should put his nose to the grindstone
and open up his ears
He said the people are in charge,
but it’s really all his fears

Because of his divisiveness from the start
he doesn’t get cut a break
He gets relentlessly parodied as art
whenever he makes a mistake

He’s the ringmaster of his own circus–
or is he the clown?
I wish he’d be professional instead of
jerking us around

While the sideshow continues
I offer you a toast
What kind of whine goes well
with an undercooked rump roast?